Panel Beating

Effective Panel Beating 
in Townsville


What is Panel Beating?

If an accident has compromised your vehicle’s structural integrity, bring it into our shop for a top to bottom panel beating. 
When our technicians perform a panel beating on your car, we repair it back to its factory state, no matter how extensive the accident damage may be


Any Damage, Any Car

With over three decades of experience in automotive body repair, we’ve seen every kind of damage on every kind of car. From small fender benders to major accident damage, we can refurbish your vehicle to its original aesthetics.


Aftermarket Installations

If a part on your car is damaged beyond a reusable state, we can install a new aftermarket fender or bumper to your car instead. No one will ever notice that your car was damaged after we attach the new part and paint it to match your car’s colour exactly.


Expert Tools for Expert Results

Although we pride ourselves on our small town, family values, our tools are far from amateur. We use a variety of instruments to give you a precise panel beating, including special hammers, hydraulic pushing/pulling devices and fender rollers.

Free quotes on all of our services

If you have any questions on how our panel beating services can give you that ‘new car feel,’ give us a call.
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