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Advanced Sharp Inspections in Townsville


Stolen Cars:
What to Expect

If your car was stolen, assume that additional criminal activity occurred within your vehicle. Even if the danger of the thief is immediately gone, hazardous materials, particularly drugs and drug needles, may remain hidden in your automobile.
That’s why it’s essential to have your car professionally inspected for sharps before you start using it normally again.


Clearing Hazardous Materials

One of our primary services includes an intensive search for dangerous needles and other illegal drugs that may still be hidden or buried in your car after a theft. Using cautious procedures, we evaluate every area of your vehicle to ensure that no remnants of criminal activity remain.


Safe Disposal

Once we clear all of the hazardous material from your vehicle, we dispose of them in a safe, certified manner.


Full Insurance Coverage

Because your safety matters, almost all insurance companies will pay for a sharp inspection

All of our products are made-to-measure for your specific vehicle

The danger isn’t over after your stolen car has been returned to you. 
Make sure it’s clear of harmful substances by bringing it to us first.
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